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Review by user240485 on January 27th, 2010
I use these to make cut up some wood for anything from furniture to jewelry boxes. Its great though no that practical. It says you have to screw a 2x4 (though you can use just about any wooden board that it will accept with few bolt change ups) to the log. sorry unless that log is square its not going to work so well. Best bet is to make a low rail out of 2x4s for it to ride on and just square off the log then what i do is take it to the table saw and band saw to resaw it. (Trying to cut planks out it just doesnt work too well. but cutting some 4x4s is a bit more realistic) All in all it worth the money if your a wood worker. Dont expect to get perfect 2x4s like the packaging says. My first go around with a chainsaw and these thing well didnt turn out so well but with some practice its a valuable tool. Though i still think a really good bandsaw will do you better. or a better alaskan setup.

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