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IMPACT RESISTANT SAFETY GLASSES - 94357 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by photoleif on March 22nd, 2012
They work OK, but are a distant third backup to ones I prefer wearing. They fog just like all of mine seem to, and so long as you get them on sale, they're worth it. The side protection is nice. I hate to admit it but I think their appearance is part of why I don't reach for these first. I do use them when working in lower light areas.
Review by txgunnut45 on February 16th, 2010
Review by txgunnut45 on February 16th, 2010
Great Price, they do fog but what ones don't. Same quality as ones you'd buy at the gun counter at Academy!
Review by orangenblack on January 25th, 2010
Get these when on sale ($1.50 last I bought some). Good feature is the bows are adjustable - they lengthen. Also, they have a decent size hole in the ends, so you can tie on a piece of cording to make neck strap. I have purchased many pairs (so they are always handy) - and so that I will have some clean/clear ones handy when the others get scratched.

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