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2 HP, 8 GALLON, 115 PSI PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSOR - 40400 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by dbhost on December 16th, 2009
Haven't had it long. I guess 2 months. It runs my finish nailer, brad nailer, pinner, framing nailer, impact wrench etc... just fine. I have used it to air up the 35x13.50/17 tires on my 4x4 more than once... For the size of compressor it is, I like it. Sure I would much rather have had the big upright DeWalt, but budget and space were not agreeable to that...

Dislikes about this compressor are the petcock on the bottom of the tank is flimsy, the shut off valve isn't all that well made, and the oil filler location is inconvenient.
Review by yiranhu on November 26th, 2009
Well mine has worked great. I use this with the detail HVLP gun to paint small car parts. I also use it with impact wrench to take off lugnuts. Paid for the 100 bucks I spent for it many times over.
Review by 20KW on October 31st, 2009
I have the 2.5HP 8 Gallon #90385 which is discontinued now.

Had this Junk Heap for 2yrs. I put maybe 2 hours Total Time on it. Pressure switch broke. Run Capacitor is out now. The one on there now is wired in without splices or wire nuts. Just wire semi twisted together and wrapped with 2 inch long peice of electrical tape.
When it arrived at my home it had a broke wheel,broke cover and screws missing out out the pressure gauge. 12 weeks I finally got a wheel, of course it wouldn't fit as the axle hole was to small. Never saw the cover or screws or replacement gauge.
Now I have a useless pile of Junk.

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