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Review by MEISTER on November 4th, 2011
I bought this with plans to repair a few inside plastic speaker housings rings for my home surround sound.

I dialed in all the air to the manufactures specs, but the air flow seamed really high. I tested it using their settings and it just splattered molten plastic all over. I turned down the air and still the same. I could never get the air flow right and if it was too low, it wouldn't melt the plastic.

I just took the thing back and used a soldering iron.
Review by Goomer on January 30th, 2010
I bought this years ago when it was on sale for around $20. So cheap I couldn't pass it up. Last week I hooked it up to air for the first time, plugged it in and it got hot. For maybe 5 minutes. You control the temperature by the air flowing through the tool. The only control is a regulator that limits it to a max of 15 psi. As my compressor runs and recharges, the air coming out of it heats up. Plastic is pretty touchy as to working temperatures.

I was trying to get the temperature adjusted, it was too hot to start with and then it started cooling off. And kept cooling off. And got cold. It had burned up in just a couple minutes. Absolutely unfixable, it is all sealed together. Maybe this works for some people, but it strikes me as a very cheap and poor way to do temperature control.

So, if it did work for any length of time I'd expect to be constantly fiddling with the air flow to try to maintain a constant temperature. There is no control on the tool itself. Maybe it was just this one tool, but I sure won't look at another one of the same thing. I went back to the HF store and ended up with the Plastic Welding Kit with Air Motor and Temperature Adjustment - 96712. And that's a whole other story.

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