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ABRASIVE BLAST CABINET - 42202 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by rev_mook on December 15th, 2011
I needed a cabinet to clean some parts so I picked this one up at my local Harbor Freight. Mine leaked very bad, the blast gun broke before I used it and the threaded plug on the bottom was stripped.

After replacing the gun, plug and sealing the cabinet, it does what it's supposed to do.
Review by ishou on October 9th, 2010
It was defective from get go.
I had to do some work for it to work.
First of all, blasting gun trigger was stuck in open position.
Also sand leaked from bottom.
Since I live about an hour away from nearest HF store, I didn't feel like driving back to return it, so I decided to fix it.
I swapped HF gun to US made gun, then I calked inside a cabinet to stop the leak.

Review by warezdog on June 3rd, 2010
At $89 bucks with coupon it was a good deal. Includes a blast gun, 3 replaceable tips, 3 glass screens (one already on window) and media hose.

Mounted this on top of the service cart with drawer #90428 $54 with small modification and makes a nice portable blast station. If you want it to be a quick connect buy item 98943 5' hose with swivel end.

I probably could have made one but the time and cost of materials made it a no brainer to buy this one.

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