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AUTOMATIC BATTERY FLOAT CHARGER - 42292 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by zzyzzy on October 1st, 2018
Broke after 4 years, and quite possibly took the battery with it. This thing will actually drain your battery if there is a power outage, or it fails. All they had to do to prevent that is to out in a diode!
Review by harborfreight8x12 on July 7th, 2010
I have 5 of these. Picked them up on sale at $4.99ea. Installed on riding mower, utility tractor, and backup generator. When all you need is a trickle charger to maintain a stored battery this item fills the bill. I consider it a fantastic buy if you get it on sale.
Review by rtandems on February 8th, 2010
This is a simple float charger to keep a battery topped off. It seems to work fine, but check the water levels in your battery from time to time.

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