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3 Piece Heavy Duty Pry Bar Set - 44912 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by raymero on February 9th, 2014
Lot's of uses for these. I had to go and buy a set for myself after the Missus started using the original set as garden tools. The larger one is my go to tool for tensioning Alternator, Powersteering pumps, serpentine belts etc. etc. when the need arises.
Review by fubared on May 21st, 2010
Works good. Broke one handle, but they warrantied it. All three bars are a little short, but a decent value.
Review by corman84 on November 5th, 2009
Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, nothing you won't be afraid to break, not more than $6 for the set.
Everything a good pry bar should be.
Review by Bigplanz on November 4th, 2009
These are very handy. The little one is good for small prying jobs, and I've used the long one to pry open a car door at a junk yard. Got them for $5 on sale. Can't be beat at that price. Sears has a similar pry bar set for $20.
Review by UpNorth on September 17th, 2009
Work well. Awful hard to beat for the price.

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