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1/4" Trim Router - 44914 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by axa on October 28th, 2011
again as i always say, decent for the price with coupon.
This is the one and only (maybe first) HF electrical tool that has blown out on me. The tool got lose batted smacked the bit in the work, a spark and it blew out... perhaps my fault but a better tool would have not shorted out.

I did exchange for a new on so that says something.

As other say the biggest negative are the attachments, but they could be much worse. rate 3 for me
Review by bahhumbucker on April 19th, 2011
I gave this tool a more or less positive rating before but now I would like to revise it.

The collet started not holding the bit tight. This ruined some work. The supplied wrenches are terrible, I've never used them.

Mine started running at about half speed. I went to turn the brushes around (sometimes helps) and the brittle plastic brush cap cracked. Ordered a new one from HF. Pretty good service on that. The tool ran ok for about an hour of actual use, then stopped completely. Sadly, this has proven to be pretty common with HF electric tools. You just don't get reasonable life out of most of these tools. I don't buy the old "you get what you pay for". But what is true is that you often DON'T get what you don't pay for.

The small router is very useful for lots of things, and easier to handle than a full-size router. I don't even use laminates. But I'll be buying a good one, with a good collet, solid base and good adjustment mechanism, to replace this.
Review by linuxturtle on March 18th, 2010
What a piece of junk. The flimsy plastic base is the worst part -- it's impossible to set to an accurate height, as the act of tightening the base moves it. And it's impossible to tighten the base enough that just the weight of the router itself won't move it. Other negatives are the lack of a spindle lock, so in order to change bits, you have to remove the base, and use all 3 of your hands to simultaneously hold the router, and the two cheesy wrenches required to loosen the chuck. I got mine for $19, and it's not worth half that amount. It's going back to the store as soon as I'm there next..
Review by bahhumbucker on February 12th, 2010
I use this quite a bit and it works well and smoothly. The negative is that the clear plastic base is flexible, and the height adjustment is crude. Because the base will flex a lot, it can throw off your cut. I learned to grip mine by the base rather than the body to avoid excessive flexing. But for the money it works well.
Review by user240485 on January 27th, 2010
OH man these is the best little router you will ever get. cheap got mine for about 25 bucks with coupon. Its a little under powered but if you go slow and have a sharp bit you can do anything a larger router can do. Also the little attachments really make these a great buy use it all the time when i make furniture. The cheap clear plastic base is kind of a concern but its held up so far and show no signs or brakage. the thumb bolt thats apart of pinion that raises and lowers the base, and tightens the base to the router. it looks kind of cheap and if your overtighten it it might strip. But thats about it otherwise a must.

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