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230 Volt Spot Welder - 45690 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on August 5th, 2016
Thought I'd add to my previous review. I had heard or assumed that it wasn't possible to spot weld aluminum, then somewhere I ran across a suggestion that if the aluminum is sandwiched between two pieces of steel the aluminum can be spot welded. I just tried it. And it works.

Two scraps of thin (.035) aluminum, not cleaned up or sandpapered or any prep. By themselves, the welder just blew a hole through the two pieces. They are together, but it isn't a spot weld. When I put two small pieces of broken bandsaw blade (that's what I had handy) on the top and bottom, the aluminum welded together beautifully. I'm all excited, this expands the potential for this tool, at least for me. I thought it worth another review. An excellent tool is even better.
Review by Goomer on August 13th, 2011
I do a wide variety of jobs and enjoy welding. I was building a guard for a pump housing to keep morons from putting their fingers in it. This needed to be a wire mesh cylinder. The HF ring bender did a dandy job of rolling 12" diameter rings from 3/4" flatbar. Now, how to weld the 1/2" X 1/2" hardware cloth to the rings? Could have plug welded a steel strip to hold the screen, but this was a good excuse to buy a spot welder. Once I had it set up and assembled (the picture on the box was worth far more than the instructions) and got a 220 plug on the end of the cord (you provide your own to match to your 220 outlet) we were up and running. A bit of experimentation and learning what to look for and hear and man, this worked way better than I had hoped! Never burned through one of the thin wires, Just welded that galvanized wire to the cleaned up steel flat bar, Tacked both ends in place to start and no more spring clamps. Worked my way around the circumference of the first end, flipped it and welded the second. I will be finding more uses for this machine.

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