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103 Piece 1/2" Grommet Installation Kit - 30037 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on July 31st, 2013
I'd reviewed this item before, wish there was a way to revise or edit it. I'm finishing up my fifth package of these grommets. When assembling them I'd take the first hammer (24 ounce) I laid hands on and whacked them together, pretty much a two whack proposition. Recently, the first hammer was an 8 ounce. Taking about a dozen healthy taps and the grommet rolled over pretty as can be. I just finished a dozen this way and all 12 were things of beauty. I turned down the shank on a cutter I'd sharpened, chucked it into a cordless drill and cut the prettiest holes you could ask for in a couple tarps. Anyway, 5 stars since I now know what I'm doing.
Review by Goomer on June 16th, 2013
The punch is about as sharp as an old hoe. I had one I'd made from a piece of steel tubing, got lucky and it was the right size. It worked fine. It looks like a little time and a dremel sort of tool would sharpen up the one in the kit. The grommets worked OK, but the tool tended to sort of crush the internal sleeve part to the washer part. Seems to be solid, no failures, it just means that the one side of the grommet isn't real pretty. Right now its on sale for $3.99, and that gets the installation tools and a total of 50 completed grommets. If appearances aren't real important, I don't think you can find anything else anywhere near the cost. I'll buy another kit when I run out of grommets. Replacement grommets aren't available from HF, and from the prices I'm seeing online, its way cheaper to just buy another kit.

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