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Review by sdold on March 15th, 2010
This oven works very well and runs fine on 120 VAC on a 15 amp circuit. The internal fan gives good air circulation and the heating elements are shielded from the piece to be cured, so the curing is even and there are no hot or cold spots. I think it's a really good design. However, expect to fix a few things within the first year or so. Twice I've had to remove the inside bottom cover and re-position the heating elements to keep them from touching the side chassis. The hold-down method allows the elements to creep over time toward the edge, shorting the element's power terminal to the chassis. I've also had to replace the main on/off switch (used a plain toggle switch) and recently one of the neon lamps on the front panel has stopped working.

All of the sheet metal screws seem to have stripped the holes they are in, as if the factory people just screwed them all in with a power screwdriver and let them spin a few extra turns as they bottomed out. My HF media blasting cabinet was the same way.

The oven is not very good quality, and you'll probably have to make some repairs, but it works well and there isn't anything else out there this size that is anywhere near this cheap.

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