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PNEUMATIC ADJUSTABLE ROLLER SEAT - 46319 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Iron Hand on February 27th, 2017
Within a couple months of use on my brand new super smooth barn/garage floor, the ball bearing started to fall out of the caster mechanisms.

So I replaced them with different HF casters [the blue ones with 4 bolt holes to hold them on], and then it was fine for a while.

But then that tiny little seat started to be a PITA, so I swapped it for a different seat off of a rolly chair I trash heaped- working great again, but now the new casters aren't swiveling smoothly again, and with the wider seat, it's a bit tippy so now I'm thinking about using bigger casters on some 2x4's or other outrigger legs in a cross pattern to get a bit wider foot print.

Throughout all of this, the pneumatic lifter and basic mechaisms have been great.
Review by raymero on April 1st, 2011
I bought mine about 5 years ago. Wife liked it for odd jobs around the house I had to buy another one for ME. Got them while on sale. I have an old Scout and find this item great for hub , brake, fuel tank, tire changes, bumpers, you name it type of work.
Review by JoBo on April 1st, 2011
I bought one of these about 7 years ago and find it to be just "OK". After putting theread locker on the caster wheel bolts and lubricating them well it rolls ok. And the height adjustment still works too.

But I find it tilts over backwards very easy and leaves you laying flat on the ground. A larger stance would be fine. I bought a much heavier rolling chair at Sam's club with 4 large casters that has much more stability. My grand son now use this as a toy rolling around the driveway. lol
Review by keithjjo on June 22nd, 2010
This worked well for about a year but the seat base (probably plywood) deteriorated after the kids left it out in the rain. Not really HF's fault there but after that the pneumatic cylinder stopped working. I still use it but it, but at the lowest point. Still, much better than bending over or kneeling beside your work. I'll probably watch for it to go on sale again and pick another one up. The kids can have the old one. :)
Review by Cheeptoolbuyer on February 27th, 2010
Its handy, light, rolls OK, and its CHEEP! One more could you ask for? Great for sitting on while doing brake jobs, body work, welding low areas, etc.
Review by Fujisawa Rob on November 9th, 2009
I agree with g. I think it was $15. It's ok for the price, but you could find an old Steelcase or Goodform office chair at a thrift store for that much and it would be 100x sturdier. Mine was a gift.
Review by g on June 26th, 2009
i got mine on sale for $ 20. the wheels don't roll the smoothest and the seat does not have that much cushion but i'm still satisfied. Where else could you by one for 20.

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