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1/2 HP 6" Tool and Carbide Grinder - 46727 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by JoBo on April 1st, 2011
I bought my first one about 7 years ago and was very disappointed with it and returned it for a refund. The wheels were way out of balance and it danced around my bench as it shook. A couple of years later I bought a second one and it is smooth running and very usefull for sharpening my metal lathe and metal shaper tool bits. The motor's starting cap is weak and it sometimes struggles to start but so far it always has. This is one heavy tool.

Like everything else at HF it make take more then one to get a good one.
Review by Goomer on January 29th, 2010
Rather crude, I end up using it free hand most of the time. The water drip system works, but freehand, I'll just dip the hot steel in a can of water. The wheels are good quality and worth a good part of the overall cost just by themselves. Seems to run quite true, no wobbles that I can detect by eye. I probably should have bought the Universal Cutter/Grinder, but didn't and still don't feel like spending that much for what I'm doing.

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