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12" Ratchet Bar Clamp/Spreader - 46807 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by warezdog on October 27th, 2010
It does light work fine, just don't expect to use it like you would any other type of better quality!

It was a freebie with purchase so how can I complain? If you want super clamps get the pipe ones, if you're just using it temporarily for light work with something non mission critical it gets it done.
Review by ishou on October 9th, 2010
Totally agree with what everybody else said.
Mine broke after couple times of abuse, and I end up toss it in the trash bin.
I guess if you are gentle with them, they might last for a while.
As far as this clamp is concern, you definitely get what you paid for.
Review by jax on August 5th, 2010
every one I have has broken BUT they are easy to repair. the tightening handle pivots on a molded plastic piece that will not take much pressure. Drill out this pin and replace with a stove bolt - hf has a pack for $1 on sale. also a spot of glue under the protective pads keeps them from slipping. the clamps work fine with the repairs and can't be beat for the every other week sale price of $2.
Review by engunneer on June 8th, 2010
Have to agree with the other reviews. Holds well and quickly if you just need a quick low pressure clamp. Don't bother trying to clamp tightly. Holds stuff while you drill or while the glue dries.
Review by moabjeeper on May 3rd, 2010
These are a handy set of clamps to have around. They have saved me a couple of times when I need an extra set of hands. Ideal for temporary clamping. Dont get heavy handed becuase they will break. I have already lost one, and had one defective from the factory. But for the price, it really does not matter. They have allowed me to finish projects that I really needed done. If you need heavy duty, invest in a bar or pipe clamp.
Review by Goomer on February 14th, 2010
They are light duty, they break or slip when tightened hard. If I was to buy as many Irwin (a far better clamp) to replace all of these HF clamps I own, I figure I'd be into them well over $1200. If one of these breaks, I salvage the parts and don't shed any tears. They work one handed, I use them at time to hold metal together when welding it up. If I melt an end, no big deal.

I like to work by myself, to operate say, a bar clamp pretty much takes a second person or a third hand. These will get you by.

On sale, they are so cheap that if I get one use out of them, the rest is gravy. I was setting 4" X 4" X 12' steel posts in concrete. I needed something to hold supports while the concrete set. HF had them on sale for a couple bucks each, I bought at least 30 of them. Easy for one man to use, quick to adjust, they did the job. A little rust on a few, spray lube fixed that. After a month or so of use and misuse and no TLC, a couple had broken, no big deal. They definitely earned their keep.

If I'm doing something that requires more power or is an operation where failure will cause something to break or an injury, I'll reach for an Irwin or Jorgenson.

All I ask of a tool, is to earn its keep and these have far exceeded what I'd expect for a couple bucks.
Review by bahhumbucker on February 12th, 2010
I bought several of these fr general light duty use. Even under moderate pressure, the plastic breaks. Mine have all broken. Don't waste your money. I bought Irwins on sale. Not even in the same league.
Review by OccasionalUser on January 26th, 2010
Clamping action is slow, clamp is not nearly as powerful as Irwin product and you have to keep the bar lubricated or the clamping action fails all together. The trigger pivots on a plastic rod that's easy to break; I fixed the one I broke by drilling out the rod and replacing it with a machine screw of the appropriate size. I use my 2 clamps in situations where fairly low clamping pressure is all I need. On the other hand, the 2 I bought were very cheap so you take the good with the bad.
Review by Bigplanz on November 2nd, 2009
Great for clamping a board to the workbench or saw horse for a quick cut with a circular saw, or to hold something together while glue sets. Fast to set up, fast to unclamp. They work well for general low pressure clamping jobs.
Review by g on October 8th, 2009
there not quite as durable as the real deal Irwin quick grip clamps but you cant complain about them for the price. i broke one of the handles on this clamp because i tightened it down too much. so the bottom line is there all right but have a few good clamps around and be gentle with them.

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