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AUTOMATIC COMPRESSOR DRAIN KIT - 46960 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by DBN on July 15th, 2013
Sorry, this is junk - didn't work at all on an HF compressor and also melted the cheap plastic tubing. I may just switch to a coil copper tubing.
Review by royesses on December 31st, 2010
This will not work with a compressor that runs higher than 120 psi. My 155 psi compressor blew out the o-ring on the pintle valve. At 120 psi it worked very well and is a good idea. The problem is improper use of an o-ring, the o-ring works in a large chamber with no support. Air gets under it and pops it partially out of the groove.
Review by Goomer on January 30th, 2010
It does work well, took a bit of tweaking to get it 100%. I put this on a large upright Campbell Hausfield compressor from Harbor Freight. The original drain on the compressor was a pain to reach and open and it then blew crap all over my hand. I never seemed to remember to drain the tank on my own until there was a problem with the air.

This drain opens very briefly every time the pump runs and blows out any liquid that has condensed in the tank. What I found was after the compressor had cycled three times in rapid succession the brass fittings would get so hot the plastic line heated up and would blow out.

My fix was to replace the first six inches or so of plastic with copper line so it could cool down. It made it up to about 5 cycles before the line blew. I'm at around 18" of copper now and no more problems everything is working great. The air coming out is much drier and I should never have to drain the tank manually again.

I like it and would use it again.

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