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4" Digital Caliper - 47256 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by RobbieKnobbie on August 7th, 2011
There are two aspects of this tool to review, first the size and then the quality:
Size: this is the handiest tool to keep in your shirt pocket and always have on hand. the 4+ inch measuring range covers 98% of the situations I run into. For that reason alone I would reccomend it.

Quality: Here things start to get a little shaky. Like pretty much every other HF digital caliper I've used, it tends to run through batteries too quickly. More importantly, it will loose zero periodically, and if you're not careful you won't realize it. For this reason I only use this as a 'quick reference' tool and not a real measuring tool. For dimensions that actually count, I rely on name brand equipment.

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