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30" Shear, Press Brake, and Slip Roll - 5907 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by dmoore on January 17th, 2010
I used this on a project where we used 16ga, 18ga, 20ga and 22ga steel sheet. The first one we got would only sheer half the material. Returned that one and got another one that worked for awhile but then suffered the same problem. Tried making adjustments but nothing worked. The roller only works so so. The break actually works pretty well.
Review by holger on December 7th, 2009
Besides it's challenged by the GA it is rated for in the product description, all 3 parts of this combination tool work. I know others that have it too, and use it on a regular base. We all use it mostly on thin aircraft aluminum, so we can't say much about how it performs with steel. But the few times I tried heavier sheets it was a struggle. Still, for an experimental aircraft builder, this is a very helpful tool.

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