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10 Rolls 3/4" x 60 Ft. Industrial Grade Electrical Tape - 6047 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on March 8th, 2016
For most electrical jobs, this works fine. And the price is unbeatable. Shelf life seems to be excellent, I've got some rolls that have been bouncing around the shop for years and they work just like they did on day one. For the price, a handy item to stick in a glove box or motorcycle saddlebag. Not as versatile as duct tape, but it sure beats having no tape at all. I've fixed a lot of minor owies with McDonald's napkins and electrical tape.

If I've got something critical going on, I'm probably going to solder and shrink tube it anyway. Something "temporary", this has proven to be perfectly adequate. A worthwhile investment, and for the price (currently it works out to 50 cents a roll, this is a fantastic buy.
Review by Indy_500 on April 18th, 2010
best deal out there! i use it on baseball bats so for the price, i love it
Review by user240485 on January 29th, 2010
I would have to agree with everyone i pick up some of these and found they aint that great. I personally like 3M tape way better (More sticky less gooey), its a only few cents more. But none the less i got them mainly for work. I burn though them like crazy and damn boss is anal about having to buy several rolls every few weeks. Also aside from that I get the "hey you got any electrical tape" guy come up to me so I pop open my trunk and toss him one. Usually I dont expect it back.
Review by dmoore on January 17th, 2010
Goes on ok at first but any amount of heat (such as underhood) causes it to get gooey. Scotch is better but 3-5 times more.
Review by Fujisawa Rob on November 9th, 2009
It's ok, but use Scotch Super 33+ or Super 88 and you'll see why it costs so much more.
Review by pistolwhip on November 6th, 2009
Good stuff. Not the best electrical tape I've used, but it definately serves it's purpose and gets a 5 star mark for value. Not great for colder climates so if your using it in a cold setting, I'd stick to better quality tape.
Review by waterppk on June 21st, 2009
Works just fine, sticks to things and itself well. Not quite 3M tape sticky, but for the price it should more than suffice!

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