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SPRING LOADED CENTER PUNCH - 621 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by JohnInSeattle on December 6th, 2017
I have three and use them often, they all still work and the tips are not rounded.
Review by raymero on April 1st, 2011
I have 2-3 of these and have used them over the years with no Problem. I normally replace the tips with sturdier ones available in most machine tool shop store. Just unscrew the tip and replace.
Review by fubared on October 12th, 2010
super soft and horrible freight won't publish my review.
Review by bahhumbucker on May 6th, 2010
Nicely machined. But the spring is too weak and the point is not hard enough for use on steel.
Review by crakarjax on April 26th, 2010
After a few uses with this, the tip has flattened out. I guess it's not meant to punch metal?
Review by Cheeptoolbuyer on February 27th, 2010
These punches really come in handy and they are CHEEP! They work great on soft metal, but not so great on harder steel. For the price, you cant beat em.
Review by Goomer on January 30th, 2010
For the initial punch mark, this takes the place of a third hand. A regular center punch and hammer means you align something, hold it in place, pick up the punch with the other hand - now what do you do? This will leave a mark, and a few subsequent hits with it usually leave enough of one to hold the drill bit in place. I've paid a lot more for these over the years and can't see where they are any better. The last ones I bought were on a coupon for $2.50. Quite a bargain, made nice little Christmas presents to friends.
Review by dmoore on January 17th, 2010
They work ok but I still find for harder steels that I need to use a regular punch and hammer to get enough of a dimple to start the bit on. Sometimes gets stuck and doesn't "click"
Review by waterppk on June 23rd, 2009
I've had 2 of these, the first one sometimes has the slug inside get sideways and it fails to spring after it's been compressed - the second one has been without issue. If yours gets jammed just disassemble it and carefully reassemble it, it usually will start working again. These are WAY better than a hammer and hand punch, and with a sale price of only $3 you can't beat it even if you get a dud.

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