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3500 Watts Max/3000 Watts Rated 4 Stroke Gas Generator - 65414 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by retcc1 on April 12th, 2013
When fuel lines & breather tube are replaced, & 91 octane "pure"gas used:
-Uses slightly less fuel than claimed by HFT, even when generating at about 66%. This is possibly due to using alcohol free fuel.
-Starts 2nd pull reliably (needs 1/2 choke even when engine is hot).
-Needs valve adjustment after 25 hours of use; may be one time only break-in issue, & was very easy with normal tools.
-12 volt output plug common in Australia, NOT USA. I got a cheap 2 prong power cord, cut away the male end plastic, put the 2 prongs in the inclined holes, & blobbed clear silicone around them. I cut the female end off, found the + wire via multimeter, & attached a female 12V socket from Radio Shack.
-Builds metal in oil rapidly due to splash lube & no oil filter. WATCH OPERATION HOURS, CHANGE OIL AS REQUIRED.
Review by retcc1 on April 12th, 2013
Crankcase ventilator and fuel line are substandard material. Ventilator tube pushes into the valve cover hole with no reliable locator flange, as it cracks quickly. Compression excessive for a stationary air cooled engine. FIXES: Replace fuel line with high quality AMERICAN MADE line from your local mower shop. Cut a short piece of thick wall high quality AMERICAN MADE fuel line with its OD matching the valve cover hole's ID, then press in a double barb fitting for the thick wall tube's ID. Connect from the barb to the intake box connection with appropriate clamps, etc. USE HIGH OCTANE ALCOHOL FREE GAS AS RECOMMENDED! Preignition and rough hot running, especially in very hot weather, will result with 87 octane. Carb will corrode BAD if stored with 10% alcohol gas & no storage additive after several months.
Review by myridge on September 24th, 2009
Review by myridge on September 24th, 2009
So far its been great. Previously I had discontinued Item 96838, which for some reason quit generating a day after I purchased it. I returned it for this unit and have had no problems. Its different than my older one the generator itself is much larger than the 96838 unit. The motor is same honda clone 6.5hp motor and it has been extremly reliable and starts usually on the 1st or second pull with the choke on. I have used my sawzall, chop saw and I used it to power my 28' travel trailer AC, Microwave, TV's etc. Also this unit is quiter than other 3500 watt units I have heard. As far as long term durability I cannot comment I only have a handfull of hours on it so far.

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