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7 Function Digital Multitester - 90899 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by JonBoy470 on July 19th, 2016
This meter (and the essentially identical 98025 and 69096) are routinely available as a free gift via HF coupons. If you have an accurate reference voltage source, voltage readings can be further dialed in via a trim pot inside the unit, but I've found them well dialed in right out of the package. The accuracy is pretty good for such a cheap unit. The leads are the weak link, and most likely point of failure.
Review by photoleif on March 20th, 2012
Crazy buy for $2.99 on sale or $1.99 with a coupon. I picked up a couple of these for spares. Everyone's comments on the error in resistance is spot-on. Mine may be the worst yet at 0.7 ohms. Still, it's nice to have one of these to fry at low cost instead of a pricier DVM. For what it does, it's a steal.
Review by Stormin Mormon on September 8th, 2010
After blowing $11 fuse in my good VOM, I finally decided to use these smaller meters for DC amp reading. From what I can tell, they are reasonably accurate. At $1.99 with coupon, I bought several, and put them in various tool boxes. Please open the back, and replace the cheap battery, put in alkaline battery.
Review by Kremer on April 26th, 2010
For the price, especially when on sale or with coupon you cannot beat this meter. It's not a calibrated Fluke true-RMS, but you have to know that. it's a great disposable meter that is way more right than wrong.
Review by bahhumbucker on February 12th, 2010
Perfect for checking continuity, testing batteries, checking for live voltage. Keeps your good Fluke away from construction projects. Only a couple of dollars. You do have to remember to turn it off - no auto off feature.
Review by tomntempe on January 30th, 2010
I've had several of these and all of them are poor at reading low resistance values. If you hold the two test leads together you should get a ZERO reading but none of them do, they usually show about 0.4 ohms. So for testing switch contacts they are not very good, for testing things with expected resistances over 3 or 4 ohms it's proably ok. For the price it's fine if you understand it's limitations. For critical stuff I get out my good digital meter.
Review by orangenblack on January 25th, 2010
the 90899 is a bit better than the very similar looking other model without back-light, that is also often on save for $2.99. THe difference is that the points on the leads are a bit sharper, AND have a small groove near the end - I think for retention of push on alligator clips (which, unfortunately HF does not carry). I like that this improved version has the slide switch, instead of having to always rotate the knob to OFF. I own a bunch of these: carry in glove box, cut leads apart to connect special ends, etc. I have had pretty good luck with accuracy ... I am NOT expecting calibrated Fluke, Keithley, etc, here. (Comparing some of these to some better quality meters, they do OK). Of course - NOT TRUE-RMS ! If I drop one of these, or someone steals one, I don't care !

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