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3000 LB. CAPACITY LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM RACING JACK - 91039 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Indy_500 on May 18th, 2010
My neighbor has one. It works pretty well. It does it's job. But it's hard to get the handle on and lined up with the screw sometimes.
Review by Soco200p on April 9th, 2010
Lightweight and easy to move, priced great at only $60 with the often advertised coupon, but doesn't jack very high or fast. It would be fine for someone with a small car (only 3000 lb weight rating) but if you have a larger car/truck/svu you'll want to look at another jack.
Review by dmoore on January 17th, 2010
Very lightweight and usually can be picked up pretty cheap. Front roller will rust after it's scratched. The pad on the top doesn't last long. Easy to disconnect the handle for transporting. Don't go over the 3,000 limit otherwise it will ruin the jack (this I know).
Review by yiranhu on November 26th, 2009
I got this to be a light weight alternative to the 3 ton jack I already have. It really is light and workes very well. It doesn't jack as high as the 3 ton service jack but it gets my cars up in the air with no problem at all. I just make sure I only jack up one corner so as to not exceed the 3000lb limit.

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