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1000 LB. CAPACITY SWING-BACK TRAILER JACK - 91474 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by marwood0 on April 15th, 2010
Universal mount is ok. Not the greatest way to attach to the trailer but ok. could have used more mounting holes / positions.

The jack may hold 1000lb trailer tounge, but it sure won't hold 1000lbs. I bent one of them easily on a heavier trailer, and soon after the crank gears stopped working. This is really meant for light duty trailers. The plastic cap at the top tends to come off, exposing the working parts on the inside to the elements. So it would be good to tape this on or attach better somehow.

There is no lock on the wheel so I drilled a hole and put a pin through it to hold it in place when I don't want the trailer to roll away.

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