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Review by Goomer on July 17th, 2014
I'm taking this opportunity to comment on the changes in Harbor Freight and their inventory. I've got two door knockers that came from Harbor Freight years ago. They are different in appearance from these, looking like a hand holding a large steel ball. They work just fine, look pretty cool, and were a great purchase for very little money.

What happened to the days when you could wander through the Harbor Freight catalog or store and find all sorts of interesting oddities? Park benches and toys and just fun stuff to buy? All gone. How sad. I rarely stop at the store when I drive by anymore and then only when there is something specific I want. No more just browsing the store. Just isn't the fun place it used to be. Sometimes these purchases were little better than junk, but more often than not they were fun or even worked way better than they should have for the price. And none of the bad stopped me from spending money.

Some of the stuff was an amazing value for the money. The "cast iron" benches were pretty neat. The threaded rod cutter is a tool I treasure. It works so very well - but, gone from their inventory. Makes me a little sad. Thanks for listening to my lament.

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