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24 Pack AA Alkaline Batteries - 92404 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on March 30th, 2013
I have no complaints about these batteries, just bought a another 24 pack. I'm seeing no real difference between these and the name brand other than price. I really like the plastic box they come in as well. Much better for storage than what I find with the Costco packs of name brands. Shelf life seems equal as well. The chemistry is the same regardless of the name on the battery. Maybe a difference in quality control, but I'm not seeing in.
Review by Stormin Mormon on September 8th, 2010
These seem to have about the same energy as other brands of alkalines. I did have one pack leak, nearly all of the cells in a pack. Of course, they were a couple years old. The HF store exchanged them politely, just grab a replacement pack and no paper work.

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