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Review by jw430 on May 14th, 2010
Reviewed by Riptide: "I had two of these. The first one was very gritty when I went to twist the handle. Took it back right away. Second one was better but got worse over time then just quit lifting after 8 months."
Review by Soco200p on April 9th, 2010
I had been looking for a while for an affordable, low profile jack for my chevy xtreme and this one fit the bill perfectly. Under the front ground effects there is only about 3-4" clearance off the ground and this jack fit (just barely) I only had about 2" of room to pump the handle, but that is all it needed to get going and once it's able to get to full strides it jacks up very quickly.
Another great thing is once you release it, it doesn't make the vehicle suddenly drop like many jacks, it doesn't hang up and lets down smoothly. Also the rubber pad holds firmly and doesn't slide, plus jacks up very high.
All in all this is an outstanding jack with a 4000 lb. rating and for the money ($150 on sale) this is one of the best tools in my garage.

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