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3/8" CLOSE QUARTERS DRILL - 92956 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by JoBo on April 1st, 2011
This tool could be a real asset but the first one I got died on the first hole! The gearbox exploded, what a joke! They gladly replaced it and I lubricated the bearbox as soon as I got home. I've drilled a few holes with it when a regular drill would not work knowing how cheaply it is made. But each time I wonder if this hole will be the last. I rate this one right there with the Skill I bought and exchanged that I only use for stirring paint.
Review by linuxturtle on March 11th, 2010
Mine has worked fine, but it's an exceptionally weak drill. Don't bother trying to use anything larger than a 1.2" spade bit, the motor is so weak. It's also amazingly loud. I keep expecting the gearbox in it to explode or something, but it hasn't died yet.
Review by bahhumbucker on February 12th, 2010
My scoring for the previous review didn't show up... I give it a one as mine broke after a dozen holes.
Review by bahhumbucker on February 9th, 2010
I do not have a high opinion of this tool. Motor power and ergonomics were fine. I used mine for maybe a dozen holes in wall studs to route romex. Then the end of the shaft that the chuck screws into snapped off. Very disappointing.
Review by tjc on November 15th, 2009
Ahh yes. I needed a right-angle drill for a couple of poorly-placed pocket screw holes (my fault) on a cabinet project. I figured if it could make six holes, anything beyond that was gravy. Well, it made the holes and it's still going strong.

The item is both variable speed and reversible. The chuck requires a key, which is fine. I don't think there is room for a keyless chuck here. Just tape it on the cord and you'll never lose it. The left/right function switch seems logically backwards to me, but oh well.

Since the six holes I've used it to drill holes in floor joists for wiring, more pocket holes in other restricted spaces, etc. I've not been especially careful or gentle with this item and so far so good.

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