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150 FT. IRRIGATION DRIP KIT - 93261 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by photoleif on March 22nd, 2012
Sorry to be contrary but this failed to work at all for me. I needed to set it up to assist with vacation watering. I have a working timer. My plants are 12 feet up on a deck and the water source is at the normal 16" or so. This system could not produce the necessary pressure at that height (lift) to work at all. The cheap fittings also could not be tightened such that they wouldn't spray water everywhere. Now I have tons of fittings and no hose (clipped it all to size) with nothing to use it on. I'm glad @txgunnut45 had it work. For me, this was a waste of $10.
Review by txgunnut45 on April 2nd, 2010
This kit is pretty darn good, escpecially for only 10.00. I bought three of them and will go back for two more. It really needs to come with more pieces though. It works well although it is tedious to set up but that will be the case for just about any drip irrigation system. The only problem that I had is that of the three boxes I bought one only had half the hardware included and the other did not have any of the hardware included. Now I have to go back which will be a pain. Great Buy but check the contents!

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