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Review by photoleif on March 22nd, 2012
Paid $1.49 each for these and don't cut without one or two. I fumbled one into the table saw blade once as it was spinning down, and it now has a 1/2" deep notch in it. Instead of replacing it, which would be my norm, I keep that one as a loud reminder of what a blade does to something much harder than finger.

I have self-made push sticks too but like this one more because of the distance from the blade, and the guard. It is of course too wide for very narrow cuts which necessitate a custom push stick.
Review by JennaSys on May 9th, 2010
It was inexpensive and keeps me from otherwise using (and possibly losing) my fingers. That alone is worth the price I paid (on sale). Sometimes I worry out it slipping, but it hasn't done so yet.
Review by user240485 on January 28th, 2010
I happen to be in the store looking around (What can i say its like my mall) saw one of these looked at the price and picked one up (2.99) I do use it on occasion. Its a little wide so when ripping smaller strips I use my DIY wooden pushstick. When ripping larger stuff I just use a DIY wooden push pad. But it's found a place on my workbench just in case. Oh and i drilled into the handle to make a hole so it can hang beside my tablesaw. Honestly save your money and just make your own out of scrap plenty of videos/plans out there.
Review by tmcdanielnh on September 21st, 2009
Push Stick - 33279

I bought this just to try it out. Similar to others on the market and works well. Simple molded nylon design...good heft and smooth handle. Shop built versions work just as well, but it was 2.99 and I was already in the store.

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