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HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL METAL CUTTING BANDSAW - 93762 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by royesses on April 27th, 2015
Use a 25% off coupon and this is a very good value. It needs a tune-up when it comes out of the box. The stand is flimsy but will get you by if you use your head. The USA made bi-metal saw blade(supercut brand item#97119) that HF sells for this is the first thing to do, when you assemble the saw. When adjusted properly this saw cuts straight. I added a hydraulic downfeed and custom vise l- and T- handles and thumbscrews for length stop and cover.Many how-to's on the net.
Make a custom stand and this is a great homeowner tool.
Review by rfridy on November 20th, 2011
+I.ve had mine for several years.It has done a good job so far.A person can't expect it to compete with a 10.000$ machine.
Review by JoBo on April 1st, 2011
Like Isotope said "think of this as a kit"! This saw is now the second most used item in my shop! I should have taken the first one back. The preload on the worm shaft bearings grawled like a pit bull. But I was determined and resolved that and several other issues. I bought second one for a Christmas gift and checked the box before wrapping. The motor housing was bent so it went back. The replacement was good out of the box.
I mode decent stands for both and the original stand should be considered extra packing and thrown out before the saw falls over.
Review by awatkins on January 11th, 2011
The stand really is dangerous, since the center of gravity (the motor) is high up and right over one of the wheels. When it falls over it breaks the casting that supports the rear of the saw and the motor (the "pivot") and the saw's useless until you install a new one. At a minimum, put in a longer axle (it's just a steel rod) so the wheel under the motor sticks out further; this will help prevent it from falling over. Putting on bigger wheels, like lawnmower wheels, makes it much easier to move around.

Also be sure to clean out the gearbox and fill with new oil.
Review by harborfreight8x12 on July 7th, 2010
Mine worked right out of the box. Purchased at HF sidewalk sale with a 20% coupon - what a deal.
I broke my blade by dropping it on the piece to be cut, otherwise I'd still be using it. HF replacement blades have been fine for my use - no complaints.
Cuts straight if you tension it correctly (tighter than you think) to a metallic 'ding'.
The stand is a joke - too flimsy to trust and too low to use with pipe stands. I replaced mine with a 2-drawer filing cabinet and mounted it to a Harbor Freight 18x30 furniture dolly. Very satisfied - cuts everything I need cut.
Review by concombrefrais on April 2nd, 2010
Needs a little care but not that much. Work pretty much out of the box for me. It is heavy (around 125 pounds) so use some help! Very useful if you cut thick metal stock a lot.
Review by IsotopeJ on March 19th, 2010
It's probably not apparent from the picture, but this thing is HEAVY. It's mostly cast iron, except for the base which is flimsy sheet metal. Get the extended service plan on this one because there's a lot of little stuff that could break. (I had a cracked pulley)

Think of this as a kit. You won't be cutting right out of the box, it takes some adjustment and tweaks first. Like suggested above, replace the blade with a bimetal (10/14 variable tpi is what I use) one. I will also be making a homemade stand for it, probably bench-mount.

For the price, it's a nice tool to add to your shop.
Review by Jim Stabe on September 17th, 2009
Once it is set up it works OK, don't expect it to work right out of the box. Lots of internet advise on blade tracking adjustment that needs to be followed or you will beat it to death with a sledge hammer. The stand is junk and will be replaced with a homemade version soon. Blade sucks and needs to be replaced with a goos bi-metal. The blade tensioning knob broke and had to be replaced with a homemade metal version. Gearbox was almost dry and full of crud when I took delibery, make sure you check before operation.
Review by slorigami7 on August 16th, 2009
The saw works well, a little bit crude, but all in all a good saw for home use. The stand is flimsy, and the material holders are cappy, but the saw itself is strong and trouble free after about 7 years of use.

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