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90 AMP FLUX WIRE WELDER - 94056 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by mrbios on March 29th, 2016
Grrrrrrrrr8 little machine for small general purpose projects. I will due a video review someday.

20 years ago I bough a lincoln sp-125. there is NO comparison. The lincoln with a gas setup could weld two safety razor blades together without melting them! But it cost $700 then!

Fast forward...
I bought this little AC-only (no dc) and no ability to use gas for shielding and have done around 50 small projects over the past 3 years!

I have put almost 10 lbs of fluxcore wire through it! Only had a few problems - had to take apart and clean the trigger / gun assembly and from time to time wire feed wheel slipped but over all it almost never has an issue. Also, I weld smart - never popped the duty cycle on any welder including this one.

Moral of the story: it is an inexpensive very portable machine that takes some extra skill to work around the fact that it only has two heat settings but it is worth every penny!! One of the most valuable tools I ever bought from hft.

low cost for the hobby, diy wlder.
- Runs on regular 110 / 120v AC - no 220v outlet needed.
- Use outdoors (fluxcore, gas shielding is for indoors ONLY). Good heat / power ONLY when used on an outlet with good wire ideally 20Amp / 12 gauge. When plugged in to old wire heat really drops off (same with any welder). With the right technique you weld almost anything that isn't too too thick. When you need more then upgrade to a more powerful welder.
Great way to learn basic welding.
- Even if you move up to a better machine this will always be useful to take on the road where the machine could get damaged or stolen.
- Would I like a better machine? Maybe but I can't justify it as I am able to do everything with this machine and when the metal is too thick I can tack the project together and tell the person to take it to a "real welder" or pay me enough to buy the more powerful 180A 220v machine.
** if you take care of the machine it will last!! 10 lbs of wire so far!!

AC only no dc output - arc is more jagged and harder to weld sheet metal. Torch cord and ground should be longer. Hard to weld sheet metal - too hot so you must start and stop to avoid burning through. Can't run 10 lb spool of wire.
- Should have 4 heat settings instead of only 2 - High / low.
- I put a 10lb in there but it does not feed right so I reload the 2 lb spools with a drill.
Review by mclmike on February 23rd, 2010
for the money you put into this it works.. welding up my exhaust, and it worked.. cheap you can get one for 90 bucks.. great buy.. buddy of mine uses one all the time.. definetely would recommend..

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