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9" PROFESSIONAL LONG NOSE LOCKING PLIERS - 94285 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by verysmallfoot on April 26th, 2010
Bought for $5 using itc coupon. Worked very well for me.
Review by tomntempe on January 30th, 2010
The problem I have with this is that they are OK if you don't need to clamp real hard, but if you really want to clamp something the red plastic on the one handle goes off sideways while you are squeezing it hard. The metal under it is too small to squeeze hard without hurting your hand so basically you can't really clamp things really tight most of the time.
Review by trencherkg on January 29th, 2010
I am surprised at how nice these are. Very well-made and sturdy. I use them often for household repairs.

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