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Pack of 6 8 oz. Storage Bottles With Twist Caps - 94390 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on July 16th, 2016
I've used these for years and been happy with them. They now are packaged in 3's, not a six pack, but still the same good quality bottle. They resist any and all solvents I have subjected them to and not a problem. They do eventually lose some of the more volatile contents, evaporate through the bottle, I guess so they aren't really suited for long term storage of such things. But for short term, say lacquer thinner in a squeeze bottle to clean out a spray gun - perfect. I keep a mix of blackberry killer and diesel fuel for spot killing of blackberries - cut them off close to the ground, dribble a little of this on them and the blackberry plant is history. Other bottle eventually disintegrate with this mix, these have not.

The little red "twist cap" is really just a plastic thimble thing that sort of snaps over the nozzle. These get lost and are easily replaced with a suitable sized wire nut.

I think they are overpriced, but when I look at other sources they don't seem nearly so bad. For some reason empty bottles are pricey. My attempts to use other squeeze bottles from say, dish washing soap break down eventually.

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