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10" Flush Cut Pull Saw - 94722 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by axa on October 27th, 2011
i found this item pretty useful.
My intended purpose was a smaller hand saw that could more or less do some flush cutting on framing or what ever...
Cutting the hand butt end off allowed to 0 clearance in the horizontal direction.
not bad.
Review by user240485 on January 29th, 2010
If for any reason you need a hand saw these one works pretty good. The saw can be used as a normal hand saw and the blade is flexible enough to do flush cuts. The teeth on it arent as sharp as i would like so you might want sharpen it up. The design is slightly different than the one on these site (looks like the one at the HF site) The non-slip rubber pistol grip is pretty good. I feels good in the hand. you just have to get used to it being a PULL saw.

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