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Review by thepenguin99 on April 23rd, 2010
I am giving it a 1 because it does not work for my application. This item will ONLY work if you are using the tiny hose with a clamp from the regulator to your welder. Also the knob feels extremely cheap. My welder carries a hose with a 5/8" threaded male end on it and there are no adapters available to make it work. At first I thought I could unscrew the fitting pictured on the regulator and insert mine. Does not work. I then tried to get fittings from a local hardware store with a good selection of fittings to adapt my hose to the regulator. Again, a bust. I could have probably cut the end off my hose and gotten it to work but screwing up a $20 hose to make a $30 (after coupon) regulator work is false economy imo.

If your welder uses the style hose that works with the supplied fitting this little regulator may do the job and at ~$30-$35 you can't really complain to much about it feeling cheap. Had I had that kind of welder I may have given it a much more positive review.

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