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40 Lb. Pressurized Abrasive Blaster - 34202 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by MEISTER on November 4th, 2011
I bought this not knowing anything about sand blasting.

It took a while to put together, but over all pretty easy. Make sure you use plumbers tape. I built a custom made cabinet for my blaster and work ok with it. There are many thing quirky about the unit but it works.

First off don't use a air compressor that has low CFM's. It will kick on all the time and this thing eats air. I have a Harbor Freight 60 gallon 165psi (15.9 cfm) 2 stage compressor and it pretty much on all the time I'm blasting consistently stays at around 50-65 psi, which is ok, but some times I have wait for the tank to charge again. Also I spend a lot of time fill this with sand. I should have bought the 100lb blaster.

Second, the valves on this thing are crap. The one on the very bottom of the tank that controls sand flow will end up wearing though the ball valve and you will probably need to replace it. I have not replaced mine yet and it's been 2 years, but the time is coming.

Also the hose is crap. I've had media eat though the hose and blow media all over my shop. It really pisses me off. A few times I had to hose completely blow off and got media every were in a 12 ft x 12ft radius. It was every where. I ended up welding the barbed end on the valve and double hose clamping it. have not had the problem since.

If you are reclaiming your sand / media, get a corse plastic screen door screen and glue it in the inside of funnel. It will save a lot of time from particles getting clogged in the tip of the gun. I actually put a very thin 3" awl or pick inside my cabinet just incase it gets clogged. I shove it in the tip and pull it out. typically that will clear the clogs. Otherwise you have to unscrew the tip and blow it out.

The moisture trap is crap like "ironwing" said below. it's made from crappy plastic and will end up drying out and cracking over time. I just removed mine and run a trap before my hose line. works fine that way.So don't even put it on when you assemble yours.

If you are going to get anything, get a 100lb blaster. You will thank me later.
Review by ironwing on June 30th, 2009
This is a pretty good buy...BUT with the following caveats:
The moisture separator is crap. Buy a quality one (or better, two) or you'll have media constantly clogging the tank outlet
The ball valves at the nozzle is cheap and wears out and will probably need replacement fairly quickly.

Add some good separators and a better valve and you've got a darn good blaster.

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