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1.5 HP GASOLINE AUGER DRILL - 95346 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by rm0475 on April 8th, 2010
Been to tractor supply, lowes, Home D., and this was the cheapest auger I could find. I addionally purchased the 6" auger bit. Was a little skeptical but I was able to drill 39 holes with it. Each hole is 18 inches deep and 6 inches wide.

I will start with the not so good: It doesn't start on the first pull for me, but after some priming and choaking it eventaully starts and runs smoothly, and starts everytime if already warm. The gear box gets hot after 2 holes, but the instructions do say to give it a rest after 2-3 holes anyway. It comes with a separate plastic container that helps you mix the gas and oil (very handy) but it is made very cheap plastic and leaks when you shake it. I just shake it in a rag so it doesn't get everywhere. The instructions say to drill at full throttle, but I found that just makes the bottom of the hole nice and smooth and it doesn't drill any more. Slow and steady worked great instead. The screw that holds the air filter fell out twice. I finally threw a couple of lock washers in it and it is good now.

What I love about this: It is light and manageable. If it hits hard rock, it bogs down instead of throwing you off the thing. It's inexpensive. It made more sense to buy this and resell it instead of renting one for $80. It drilled through Tennessee hard clay and loose rock just fine. Some holes took 7 minutes and others took 1 minute to drill. It's a nice buy and I would recommend it to everyone. Works great if you don't abuse it.
Review by Goomer on January 28th, 2010
So far, this has been a real labor saver. About 30 4" diameter holes and a couple 6" holes and it runs great. Cuts through tree roots about the size of my thumb, if it catches on a rock it doesn't try to beat you to death. Very high compression, starting it was a matter of finding the top dead center and giving a quick pull and it fired right up. I was real skeptical of a HF gas engine after a couple other less than satisfactory experiences, but this is very nice.

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