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132 LB. CAPACITY ROLLER STAND - 95621 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Bigplanz on March 26th, 2016
For $12 I got a roller stand that will hold up one end of an 8 foot long 6x6 landscape timber while I cut it with a miter saw. I had the other end supported by the other roller stand sells that cost $15. They both worked. That's the heaviest thing I will ever put on either one of them, so I figure they are going to be fine for the foreseeable future.
Review by JennaSys on May 8th, 2010
I think I picked these up for $12 a piece on sale. I now have 4 of them and they're great - especially for the price. They are sturdy, easily adjustable for height, and they fold flat for storage. The roller spins freely and feels like they can take a fair amount of weight.

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