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4 PIECE HEAVY DUTY PRY BAR SET - 1654 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by skulldrinker on April 15th, 2013
The handles start to wobble a little. The handle on the large one came off. I filled the hole with 3 min epoxy and it's solid as a rock now.
Review by ajchien on February 9th, 2012
They flex under load, but havent broken.
Review by warezdog on April 23rd, 2010
8 bucks and I've beat the crap outta them with out incident!
Review by Indy_500 on April 18th, 2010
I've held about 60lbs. with the largest pry bar and it didn't break at all. i love them for the price
Review by dmoore on January 17th, 2010
These work fine. None have broke.
Review by jpoe on January 11th, 2010
No problems yet and I purchased them for $6.00.

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