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5" x 1000 FT 8 MIL STRETCH WRAP - 96012 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by matt on January 11th, 2017
This stretch wrap is great for many things. The thickness of the plastic is substantial enough to take care of most tasks. The included plastic handle is nice as it grips the roll well and does not slip as you go around the objects. The 5" width is nice and easily manageable. It's just wide enough to cover things, but not so wide that it is hard to get stretched with on hand. I've used this for many things and the roll has lasted about 3 years.

I initially used it to wrap and consolidate small boxes in the attic. Then I started wrapping other things in the garage to keep things neat, like wood I keep around for small projects. Most of my use has been for wrapping yard tool handles. I wrap my tool handles to keep them clean. Wet clay soil seems to embed itself in the handles. Wrapping the handles with this disposable stuff prevents that. I also wrap the handles when I clean up along the property line as there is a lot of poison ivy. My wife is sensitive , so the wrap keeps the poison ivy oil from getting into the wood and onto the rubberized handles. All I do is unwrap the plastic and done! No extensive cleaning needed!

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