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1-1/4 LB. AXE WITH FIBERGLASS HANDLE - 96231 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Bigplanz on November 19th, 2010
For $5.60 (after 20% off coupon) you cannot find a better hand axe. It's a little dull, but that's probably on purpose to keep the heathen kids who run through HF while their parents are somewhere else in the store from cutting their hands off. :)

A grinder or file and 10 minutes and it's plenty sharp.
Review by jlove1974 on October 6th, 2010
Let me preface this review:

I am a Fiskars fan when it comes to sharp garden tools, such as axes, etc.
I use their "pro-splitting ax" when it comes to most medium ax duty, and it
has never failed me. However, when splitting kindling or chopping small limbs, it's a bit overkill and even a safety hazard due to it's razor-sharp edge.

That said, I was not going to spend $40 on a Fiskars hatchet to cut kindling. When I saw this on sale for under $8 a few times, I said I'll give it a shot.

First impression: good balance, the head is perfectly sized to the handle.
The handle is mated to the ax head w/ resin and looks very sturdy. Made in India, so that's one less dollar to China I guess...
The handle sure could use some type of vinyl non-slip coating. I think I will use some 2-inch wide electrical tape along w/ a heat gun to do the trick.

I had to dress it on a grinder so I had a uniform cutting edge the entire length of the blade. The middle of the edge is sharp but it has 'safety-cut' toe and heel of the blade. That was the first thing that had to go.

So in summary, great overall value but it could use some custom touches to be a great tool, as do most thing HF

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