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TWO PIN WOOD MOISTURE METER - 96472 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by user240485 on January 29th, 2010
I picked this thing for about 8 bucks. Most ones start at about 30 and go up to 150 bucks. It comes with a cheap leather carrying case. Its so simple to use you stick the prongs into a piece of wood push "low" and it give you the moisture in the wood (if its higher than 15 just push "high" and it can get you a reading up to 35 percent) The "low" will go in incraments of 1 per bar, the "High" will go about 2 per bar. Now in the manual it says to push the prongs 1/4" (6mm) into the wood, aint no way your pushing that the full 1/4" is recommends (mainly because im worried I might damage the prongs or the housing putting that much force) But even just pushing in as far as you dare it gives you a good reading (Might not accurate but pretty close). For the weekend woodworker that cuts his own stock these is a valuable tool.

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