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1500 LB. SWING-BACK BOAT TRAILER JACK - 96693 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by stutzman on November 11th, 2010
I got one of these for my little utility trailer that is only rated for about 1000 lbs, so I figure this was way overkill. Was I wrong!

I had about a landscaping rock in the trailer and was pushing it around the driveway. I know know how heavy it was, but my 12 year old son was able to move it around by himself. I pushed it a little sideways over a seam in the concrete
and it promptly started to separate at the hinge point. For something that is supposed to support a 1500 pound boat, I found this thing to be really flimsy.

Fortunately, the local Cabellas had another one on sale. Despite this new one only having a single wheel it has held up exceedingly better.

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