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Review by kwame on January 25th, 2011
I didn't quite know what to expect when I first encountered this tool, it looked like someone took a spokeshave and stuck it on a plane body. The wood tote and knob were well finished. I found the tote to be a bit small, but I have large hands.
Adjusting the blade was a chore, the adjustment screws were difficult to use as they would stick at different places along the screws (I later re-threaded and re-tapped the these, they now glide like magic.) The blade cover was not machined well, chipped along the edges, but well chromed! (I bench ground it to sit flat against the blade.) The sole was 'smooth', but slightly concave(has it turns out, the edges were a little high). The sides were 'smooth' but not at 90 degrees to the sole. I lapped the sole flat (actually the edges), and the sides to 90 degrees of the sole. Incidentally, the mouth was machined well and the 'frog' needed no work!
The blade itself was as dull as a butter knife. So I sharpened and honed it using the "Scary Sharp" Sandpaper System.
After a spritz of camellia oil I re-assembled the plane, grabbed a piece of pine 2 x 4 and a piece of 8/4 x 8/4 teak. A few minutes of tinkering with the adjustment screws and I succeeded in taking shaving from the 2x4 in the 0.09mm range and on the piece of teak at 0.1mm (all measured with my Harbor Freight Electronic Digital Caliper.)
With the plane now setup and at a 'perfect' 90 degrees I have delegated it the shooting board.
In conclusion, I viewed this as challenge, (I wanted my $9.00 worth) and being between jobs, I had time on my hands. Lie-Nielsen, Veritas-Lee Valley, & Bridge City Tools have nothing to worry about. Even Stanley need not concern itself with this plane. To be fair, I have had to work harder restoring some vintage planes, but this is the hardest I have ever worked on a 'new' plane. I would not recommend this plane to any of my friends, though a few have asked about it and have tried it out. So, with time and patience this plane can be made usable.
Review by txgunnut45 on February 16th, 2010
PIECE OF CRAP, I bought it for 9.00. I learned the hard way, the one thing that you need to dish the money out on is a quality Hand Plane! It's JUNK

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