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Review by BThis on November 2nd, 2019
I bought the Metal Planetary Ring Roller over a year ago, and finally tried it today. Two problems, one of which is fatal: 1. The taper pin that holds the handle on was firmly in the handle and I had to punch it out with a hammer and punch to remove it, then hammer it back in to hold the handle on. 2. The plastic part that bears the stress of pressure to bend the metal rod broke as soon as pressure was applied. The product is useless.

I will update my comment if HF replaces the unit when I return it tomorrow.
Review by Jig Master Kermit on August 29th, 2012
I got this to roll 60- 18" steel wheels from 3/16"x 1 1/2" flat bar.
When I got it.. I knew I was going to destroy it trying.
The main pressure piece is plastic.I broke that as soon as I stared the first piece. So I made a new on from steel.
I also machined off the shoulder on each roller to accommodate the 1 1/2" wide material I was rolling.
Then I tossed the grease fitting on the bending roller and tapped the hole to 5/16"-18 and bolted on a 3/16"thick 1 1/4"dia. washer to hold the roller on the shaft...FYI the piece of crape clips are far to small to hold much pressure from the roller trying to slide off.
Then I went for broke..I also tossed the handle and set up a spindle in my Ridged 400A pipe threader and bolted this new and improved puppy to the table and went for it.
I gota say.after about 4-5-6-pieces I got it adjusted and It's works pretty good.
I'm now at about 30 pieces and no sign of failure yet.
If it gets me 60 pieces I'll be a happy camper.
Check YouTube I'll be posting a vid...Jig Master Kermit
P.S. I still hate Chinese crap.
Review by Goomer on April 5th, 2010
I picked this up a couple years ago when it was on sale, never used it until tonight. I needed to make some caps 4 1/2" ID and didn't have any pipe around that would work. So, I dug this out (still in the box) and it worked great! 1/8" X 1" flatbar and bent into a nice round ring just slick as all get out. Setup was nothing, just stuck it in a vice and away we went. Had to sneak up on the final diameter, no problem. This one works, machine work is pretty nice, its heavy and seems well made. Has zerk fittings on the ends of the rollers, a nice touch.

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