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Oil-Resistant PVC Long Cuff Gloves - 99677 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on October 26th, 2014
Everything Bigplanz said and then some. I have yet to find anything that causes these gloves to melt down. The long cuffs protect clothing and bare skin when using chemicals.

They are flexible enough I use a pair for working with my bee hives. After having tried several versions of "official" bee keeping gloves I slipped on a pair of these one day. Just what I was looking for.
Review by Bigplanz on December 28th, 2009
The sleeve on these gloves goes all the way up to my shoulder, and there is an elastic band cuff to hold them in place. If you have to reach into some really nasty place, like, say, an unflushed and clogged toilet, you will be so very, very glad you have these! Just be sure to clean them with bleach afterwords.

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