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Review by Goomer on March 1st, 2010
First off, the shaft through the upper roller would not fit. Between burrs and powder coat I had to ream out the hole slightly. Not a big deal. The screws that hold the rollers on the shafts are 1/4" X 28 and are soft. So are the shafts. Without a great deal of effort I managed to roll the screws out of the slots on the upper shaft buggering up screws and shaft on the upper roller and handle ends of things. Had to beat the shaft out. All fasteners are SAE sized. Not the shaft. It's 19mm. So purchasing a new piece of bar stock to make another shaft gets a whole lot more complicated. Guess I'll try welding it up and machining it down. Sad part is, its still too soft a piece of steel for the task. Maybe I got a bad one. I have barely started to try and bend some 1 1/4" conduit - which it claims it will do.

There is at least one video on youtube showing this machine being used and it works for them. Sure didn't for me, at least not yet.
Review by Jim Stabe on September 17th, 2009
Worth it just for the dies. Good quality machine especially for the price.

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