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880 LB. ELECTRIC HOIST - 44006 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on June 30th, 2011
I bought this several years ago to unload a industrial drill press from my truck. Put together an A-frame using square steel tubing and 4 X 4 legs and cross member. Worked great, did everything it was supposed to and it should have been approaching its rated load limit.

The A-frame was too nice to just junk. One day I was going to change and sharpen the blades on my riding mower and I remembered this setup. Put together a strongback and drove the mower under the A-frame. Hooked the hoist onto it, hit the switch and up goes the front end of the mower. Plenty of room to get an impact wrench under the deck. Zip, off with the dull blades, zip on with the sharp ones. Hit the switch, its back on the ground and I'm off and running again. Changing blades used to be a miserable process involving ramps or removal of the deck. No more. Love this hoist. Its been outside for at least 3 winters covered with a small plastic tarp. Works everytime. Only thing to watch for is the yellow jackets building nests under the tarp. I've learned the hard way to peek under the cover first.

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