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Review by Goomer on November 8th, 2014
I sure would hate to jinx the laminator I have, its been a faithful tool for going on 4 years now. It has done hundreds (must be going on 1000) of laminations. The only crewed up ones were from the loose wingnut (that's me) on the outside of the laminator - an operator issue - its pretty finicky about starting the feed in as near perfectly straight as possible.

I've tried a couple others in a similar price range and while they still work, this is my go to machine. This machine has far exceeded my hopes and expectations. And the Harbor Freight laminate pouches are as good as the best I've found and way better than the worst. Equal to the 3M pouches as far as I can tell.
Review by Bigplanz on March 21st, 2011
Follow up to my follow up. Now the 2nd one has gone bad. With the warranty, I'll go pick up another. Maybe you'll get a year of moderate use, but maybe not. Get the warranty if you buy this.

When it works it works fine.
Review by Bigplanz on May 23rd, 2010
Follow-up to my review in February. The laminator quit working in early April. Just wouldn't feed the laminating sheets. Roller would not roll. My wife wanted another one, so I bought one on sale and with a 20% off coupon. I sprung for the two year replacement warranty, so if this one goes bad at least I can replace it. We'll see how long it lasts. Tip: spring for the warranty.
Review by jlove1974 on March 16th, 2010
it is a deal, esp when compared with other laminators out there @ +$90.00!

The laminate pouches HF sells are a bargain as well.

Sometimes it wants to pull a full sheet to the left or right so you have to pull the opposite way until it's straight.

I have laminated many trail maps for hiking and hunting with this and it has held up for a few years w/ no problems.
Review by Bigplanz on February 19th, 2010
I bought this for my wife, who wanted to be able to laminate the kids' art work, projects, etc. It works really well and has laminated everything we've used it for with no problems.

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