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3 Piece Taping Knife Set - 37364 view this item at harborfreight.com »

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Review by Goomer on January 29th, 2010
These aren't currently listed on the web site, but are at the retail stores. I am not a professional drywall finishing guy, but on occasion do some fairly large jobs. A taping knife is a very personal choice, some like a stiff blade, some a very flexible blade. These work well for me. I have a milk crate of different taping knives I've bought over the years (expensive and cheap) and my first choice out of the crate is usually one of these. The handle is a bit small, but not a problem, I think it gives me better control than a big fat handle.

They are steel blades, so they will rust fast. I wash them down and hit them with a quick spray of WD40 at night. I value them enough to try to keep them in good shape. I do have at least one spare set.

I really like the small and large knives in this set. A reasonably rigid blade, with an even amount of flex in the blade under fairly light pressure, which I like.

The largest knife (about 8") in this set isn't really big enough for the finish coat, it will work, but I start with the small one on the joint, then the biggest for the second coat, ending with a 10" knife on the third and final finish coat.

I worked with a guy who had 30+ years of experience doing this and he thought it was an alright tool. More flexible than he liked, but OK.

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